Monday, July 27, 2009

Land of Lincoln

We are now traveling to Ohio to see our family there. Taking a couple of days to just relax and see the sites in Springfield, Illinois. Saw the Lincoln Museum today and it was the most interesting one I have see in a long while. This is a good one to see with lots of action in it. Tomorrow we will see on about gas stations, since my Dad owned one and I worked at it. That will be a lot of fun. After that we will be heading to Ohio to see our siblings. Sunday evening we will finally arrive at Cindy & Kenny's. Can't wait to see the girls.

Saturday, July 4, 2009


God has been so good to us. Getting us safely home from Swaziland after Will's problem with his heart. Will is doing very well. He saw the Doctor on Monday for a followup check-up. All is well and he can travel to Ohio to see the family. Karis has had a lump removed from her breast that was not cancer. We Praise the Lord for all He has done and continues to do.

We have had several opportunities to share about the work in Swaziland since we returned home. It is exciting to share and reflect on all that has happened and continues to happen in this great country. We will be sharing our story to some Churches in Ohio when we are there. Pray for us as we continue to share about the dear country of Swaziland.

If you would like to continue to follow the work in Swaziland go to:LaVignes in Brent and Michaele LaVigne are now the on-site coordinators for the BFC/SNU Swaziland Partnership. They are a neat young couple that God has called to serve and to love the dear people there.

We do miss so many friends that God brought into our lives and pray that someday we can return and say a proper good-bye to them. If not we do know that many we will meet in Heaven when the time comes.

Our plans are to write a update occassionally to let you know how and what we are doing. Meanwhile we will continue to serve God wherever He takes us.