Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Back Home in Bethany, OK

Praise God we arrived back in Oklahoma yesterday. Tired, yes, but oh so happy to see some of our family and friends waiting for us at the airport. Will tolerated the trip well as BFC had made sure that he had the best of care taken and we both were able to rest on the plane. We are now back on our: wkstemen@cox.net e-mail and would love to hear from you. Tomorrow we see the Cardiologist and will go from there. God is good and will continue to heal, strengthen, guide us and give peace in the days ahead. Thanks for all your prayers an support. We may be back in the US but part of us will always be in Swaziland with people that we love and will continue to help from this side of the world. Everyone can pray, give and do things here to help this great country.

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Margaret Glyn said...

I noticed the posting time--hope you soon can adjust to Ok. time!
WELCOME HOME!!! It will be wonderful to see you when you are ready to mix and mingle. Love,